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Six Factors to Consider in Your Business School Search

Scoring a GMAT of more or less than 700 is not the last resort for MBA; there are certain other factors which influence your salary package. Among one of those is the selection of B-schools. Here we are describing the vital points you should take into consideration while selecting your B-school.

Have a Fighting Chance

A reputed B-school demands a justifiable GMAT score of 700+, a strong profile, and decent academic records. Before planning to take the GMAT Exam, do a good research about B-schools based on the average GMAT score, how many years of work experience they require and many other questions. Bear one point in mind that the GMAT score is not the only parameter to evaluate the candidature of an aspirant. There are several other points which influence the admission committee to accept your application form. These are, Letters of Recommendations, Statement of Purpose, Resume and Transcripts.

Elect Apt Courses

MBA is one of the most prestigious master’s degree program which satisfies every organization’s needs. The colleges have introduced various MBA specialization courses. You should assess the MBA specialization that can boost your career to next level and help you in meeting your future endeavours. Select the course in which you have an interest. Apart from Finance, Human Resource, Marketing and Sales there are several other specialisations like MIS, Petroleum Management, Sustainable development management and many other specializations which offer a candid career growth.

An MBA course can be a full time course or a part time course. With advanced technology few colleges now are providing online courses to their respective and diligent students. The advantage of online courses are that you don’t have to leave your place and you can register yourself in the desired B-schools.

Compare B-schools

When you’re spending your hard earned money and taking a halt from your job for pursuing an MBA, there is no wrong in comparing B-schools. It is very necessary to formulate a base for comparison, for which you select the course you want to pursue, what is the course cost, everything about the faculty, daily living expenses etc. Indeed, researching is a tedious job, but it is for your benefit and you can’t gamble with your future prospects.

Application Requirements

Don’t leave it to the last moments to check to see if you meet the admission criteria. Be well versed beforehand. After selecting the course, explore the college websites and jot down all the essential documents one needs to apply to B-schools. Accordingly create your profile, build your LoRs, SOPs and resume because it is not an overnight task, it takes much time because you have to contact a number of people to get it done like you ex-employer, HoDs at college and many others.

Program Format

Most often MBA aspirants step back due to the long tenure of the MBA course as they don’t want to quit the job for two long years. However, pursuing full time MBA is not mandatory and instead you can opt for MBA courses which suit your persona. You can go for an Executive MBA or an Online MBA as it may take time say 2-3 years to get completed but it allows you to work without quitting.

Opportunity Cost

Last but not least, the most important factor; evaluate the opportunity cost. Pursuing an MBA will burn a big hole in your pocket, and you have to incur a loan to have to repay it. So you have to prepare yourself in such a way that you can repay the loan incurred as soon as possible. After MBA you should get into a job which helps you in the repayment. Sometimes the college recognition also bestows its students with high remuneration jobs.

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