Corporate services

If the geographical expanse of your organisation requires employees to relocate between cities / countries, Educacy becomes your ally in school / college hunt.

For relocating employees, we provide end-to-end services starting from identifying and evaluating the right institute (from pre-school to college) based on your specific needs to admission support and beyond!


Educacy provides cutting edge consulting services to education institutes, which includes advising on:

  • Expanding market presence
  • Mapping competitive positioning in the industry
  • Improving internal processes
  • Guidance and formulating strategy for new market entrants
  • A realistic plan that identifies the key areas for development is fundamental for an Institute to achieve its potential. Our team works with you to undertake diagnostics study of your institute for identifying the concerns and developing a practical road map to overcome such concerns. We assist institutes in formulating the right strategy and also deploy the team and expertise needed to assist in implementing the strategy.


    Selecting the right school / college / career is always a challenging job. We help parents/ students navigate through this challenge with proper guidance and meaningful information.Our team of Career Counsellors would be happy to help you in your quest for education and develop your personalized road map. We assist you by:

    • Providing a personalized brain analysis report. This report will help you to understand:
      • Your Born Personality
      • Intrinsic Potential
      • Multiple Intelligence Distribution
      • Learning Sensitivity
      • Career Selection
    • One–on–one counselling session to identify your key skills and interests based on your personalized brain analysis report
    • Helping you align your aspirations and goals with your multiple intelligence distribution
    • Guiding you in choosing the right career option / appropriate course based on your skill sets and aspirations
    • Helping you make a well informed and wise decision

    Admission support

    We partner with you in the whole admission process. Our services span before and after getting admission in the school / college of your choice. We support you in:

    Before admission – (so that you never miss any deadline for admission)
    • Delivering the admission forms of the schools / colleges / coaching institutes at your door step
    • Guiding you through the unique admission requirement of each school / college and helping in documentation
    • Assisting with you throughout the admission process
    After admission – (so that you can spend more time enjoying education rather than worrying about it)
    • Delivering the course materials / books at your home
    • Assistance in school fee submission
    • Helping you with all the books and stationery needs during the year

    Financial support

    A large number of students in India drop out of school / college every year for financial constraints. With education as a mission, we help every deserving and capable student find a benevolent sponsor who can help such students achieve their dreams.

    If you are in need of education loan, our team also helps you in:

    • Comparing the terms of education loans available
    • Advising you on the right loan for your specific needs
    • Delivering the loan application form at your door step
    • Assisting you throughout the documentation and form submission process
    • Assistance till sanction of loan

    Meritorious students in need of scholarship or education loan can Contact Us now