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How to choose different subject streams for brighter future prospects?

Your future, to a large extent, depends upon what you choose today. It is especially applicable

on the academic side of your life. There is a question that each and every student faces at

certain point of time in his or her life- How to choose different Subject streams out of ScienceStream, Commerce Streams and Arts Streams.

We would find out the most suitable answer to this baffling question in the following points

Each and every stream, be it Science, Arts or Commerce, offers the same kind of opportunities that have the capacity to take your professional life to the newer heights.

You must remember that there is always a vacant place on the top waiting for those who have caliber to reach there.

Just ask yourself in which stream you feel interested and think you are good at.

You are the master of your future and the destiny as well. Nobody knows your
capabilities better than you.

Just decide on what interests you most, and never go by what others recommend.

Please try to recognize and realize what is your passion or curiosity level for a specific subject? Simply opt for that stream and nothing can stop you from succeeding.

For example, if you go for Science, without realizing the fact that how tough it is likely to be in the 11th and 12th, then you will not be able to make it big on the front of marks,and it will minimize your options at degree level.

Arts will open for you the doors of being

Civil servant



Social work

Advertising professional

Fine arts signature

Journalism and mass communication professional

Business management consultant

Performing art celebrity

Travel and tourism professional etc

Commerce is ideal for being





Financial Analyst




Financial executive and many more.

Science will bring you the opportunity of being

IT professional

Electrical or electronics engineer

Mechanical engineer

Civil engineer

Doctor and many more

You must remember that each and every stream is great as long you believe in your capabilities,and continuously keep evolving newer ways to learn and enhance your knowledge base.