Unleash your child’s true potential

by; E4 Ventures

E4 Ventures founded by professionals is an organisation involved in child brain development, adult wellness and various skill development programs.

With the belief that every child is unique and has a unique natural talent, E4 Ventures strives to Evaluate such talent in the child, Enables the child through the various programs offered, by Energising and Empowering the child to face the challenges ahead.

E4 Ventures aims to bring meaningful transformation and a positive change to human life by exploring the real potential of brain. Through the various programs offered, we focus on obtaining maximum benefit from a human brain. We strongly believe that training young minds will be highly beneficial for the children in unleashing the immense capabilities hidden in them.

Based on extensive researches and years of training experience carried out in Indonesia, our comprehensive training program is designed to empower its students (5 -15 years old) with the tools that will not only increase their memory, concentration, focus and help to manage stress, but also become a key that will unlock their true Potential to win the world!

About Child Brain Development Program

It is every parent’s dream to create a dynamic environment for their child to thrive in. The Child Brain Development program (CBD) is designed for your child’s overall mental development and will stimulate your child like never before.

It enables and empowers your child to be independent and confident in a highly interactive session. Unleash your child’s true potential by indulging them in CBD program. This workshop will also help parents in understanding their child better, which will result in improved parent-child relationship.

The program also provides the parents with the Glyphology Brain Analysis Report (GBA). Through the analysis of the patters on the fingers, GBA report helps you to find out:
• Child’s born personality
• Intrinsic potential
• Multiple Intelligence distribution
• Learning sensitivity
• Career selection

Many students have so far benefitted from the CBD program. E4 Ventures aims to spread the positive benefits of the CBD program through its scientifically designed training module.


  1. dr. sadhna gupta

    The school is very poor in safety standards. They believe in quantity, not quality. My recent experience has shown that getting award is not a sign of merit but manipulation. These people are great manipulators. My three year old child fell off the stairs and they did not inform us. Only when the mother came to take the child home , she was told a bog lie that the child got a minor injury in the head half an hour ago while he hit his head against the boundary wall . The parents took the child to hospital and he got stitches in the head. The inner sources who had some moral values revealed the truth that the child fell off the stairs and he bled profusely. His shirt was washed to keep the patents in the dark. The staff were instructed not to call the parents and not to tell the truth.

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